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To preserve, promote, celebrate and enjoy our Nationís Sea Service history and heritage. To accomplish this we will:

  • Commemorate American Sea Service Heroes and important historical events,
  • Support the study of Naval History through writing, speaking and educational events,
  • Preserve Sea Service historical artifacts, documents and monuments, and
  • Promote Camaraderie among our Companions and members of similar organizations


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CAPT John A. Rodgaard, USN

CAPT Paul H. Crissy, USCG

FLTCM Pres Weaver, USN (Ret

Mr. Patrick V. Dorr, (USMM)

CAPT Charles T. (Todd) Creekman, USN(Ret)

LT William E Donohue, USCG

COL Charles Nalls, MD Militia

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Active Past Commanders:

Commanderís Message

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find in useful both to learn about our organization as well as to link to other organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that are extremely active in recognizing the heritage of our nationís sea services that include the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. Although this may be viewed as competition for limited resources, we have found it very rewarding as each organization provides complementary activities that provide many alternative activities that we may not normally have access to accommodate busy schedules. We work with each entity to promote activities that our members may be interested in. These organizations include:

Our commandery executive committee meets monthly to discuss upcoming events, how we may be able to better recognize our naval history. We encourage our members to participate in these meeting and to get active in our program and initiatives.


If interested in joining our commandery, I encourage you to contact our Vice Commander for Membership.

Thank you.

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