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The Naval Order is attempting to reconstruct the biography's of the original Naval Order members.  Companion Kent Siegel is taking the lead.  Participate in this activity and you will be introduced to some of the latest techniques in research via experts from the Library of Congress.  If you have an interest in genealogy here is an opportunity to help the Commandery as well as expand your own knowledge in research methods and avail yourself of some unique research assets.  Contact Kent at and volunteer to help.


Arlington Cemetery

Several times a year a member of the Naval Order of the United States is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  A cadre of Companions is being established to be available to represent the Naval Order at Arlington National Cemetery interment ceremonies for deceased Naval Order Companions.  The National Capitol Commandery desires to insure proper recognition is paid for all our members being laid to rest at Arlington.  If you are interested in participating in this activity please contact CAPT David Kaiser at or 703 938 7388


Personal History/Experience

Many of our members have experienced or participated in an event of unique or historical importance.  Your story needs to be recorded and shared with other Companions.  There are two ways to accomplish this, first write an article or second with the help of the Naval Historical Center conduct an oral history interview.  Check the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Center's Web page or contact CAPT Todd Creekman, or 202-678-4333, the Commandery's Historian, and he is ready to help you put your own story into words.


Event Coordinators

The National Capitol Commandery celebrates, promotes and preserves our Nation's Sea Service history and heritage through a variety of events and programs.  Each event or program requires Companions to plan and coordinate.  If you would like to volunteer to assist in making these events a success please contact RADM John Kirkpatrick, at


New Members

New members are invited into membership of the Naval Order.  Identifying and contacting potential new members is important to the growth and health of the Organization.  If you are available to assist in this vital activity of preparing invitation letters and making follow-up contact for potential new members contact the Vice Commander CDR John Hooper,


Leadership Opportunities

The Naval Order both nationally and locally is managed and run by volunteers from the membership.  Whether you are experienced in organization leadership or a first time volunteer there is a job available to fit your skills.  Local Commandery opportunities include:  Commandery officer, Committee Chair, Committee Member in an area of your choosing, Program Coordinator for a Commandery meeting or any one of a dozen other positions.  If you'd like to explore these opportunities further contact our Commandery Commander, CAPT David Kaiser at or 703 938 7388


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