Annual Congress in San Diego


The New York Commandery was represented by four companions at the Naval Order's Annual Congress, held in San Diego, California, from 14 - 16 October 2004.  Here are some pictures from that weekend.  Attending were Jonathan Jones (New York Commander), John Cupschalk (New York Treasurer), Bill Schmidt, and Tom Spencer.

Bill Schmidt, John Cupschalk and Jonathan Jones at the USS San Diego monument.  The USS San Diego was the second most decorated ship in WWII, and did not have one combat related casualty.

John Cupschalk, Bill Schmidt and Jonathan Jones on the flightdeck of USS Midway.

Bill Schmidt standing before an old friend.

Jonathan Jones as Air Boss.

John Cupschalk "pretending" to be Air Boss.

Membersof the Legion of Merit honored the Naval Order by their presence.

Tom Spencer, John Cupschalk, Bill Schmidt and Jonathan Jones at the Congress Dinner.

Guest speaker ADM Natter, USN (Ret), former Commander, Fleet Forces Command, and John Cupschalk at the Congress Dinner.

Jonathan Jones and wife Marjorie dance at the Congress Dinner.



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