Promoting naval history is one of three core missions of the Naval Order. Our promote mission supports our mission to preserve naval history by keeping it alive for every generation.  Promoting naval history increases public awareness of the battles, service and sacrifice that are part of the nation’s sea services. This part of our overall purpose was established at the
founding of the Naval Order through a pledge “to promote by every proper means American
commerce and navigation, with (the) requisite strength of the Naval Services.”

Projects under the Promote domain include the Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Statue, Pearl Harbor, HI, and the USS San Francisco (CA-38) Memorial Park, Fort Miley, San Francisco, CA.

Some NOUS Promotion Projects

  • Admiral Farragut Plaque, Washington, D.C.
  • WWII Remembrance Marker – Punchbowl, Honolulu, HI
  • Commodore John Barry, USN Marker, Washington, D.C.
  • Lone Sailor, Vista Point, San Francisco, CA
  • USS San Francisco (CA-38) Memorial Park Lands End, Fort Miley, San Francisco, CA
  • Chief John W. Finn Sculpture, Pearl Harbor, HI
  • Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Statue, Pearl Harbor, HI
  • War in the Pacific – Information Markers, Pearl Harbor, HI
  • USS Houston Memorial, Houston, TX
  • Admirals Nimitz & Togo – Battleships USS Missouri & IJN Mikasa Marker, Pearl Harbor, HI