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Who Are We?

The Naval Order is believed to be the oldest naval historical society in the US, founded in July 1890. We are an association of those with current, retired or former naval service (including Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service and NOAA) and descendants thereof. Naval Historians and others with an interest in naval history and heritage are affiliated as associate members.

Our purpose is to preserve, promote, celebrate and enjoy the history and heritage of the US sea services.  Our past Commanders General (National Presidents) and our Distinguished Companions have included several Secretaries of the Navy, a majority of the Chiefs of Naval Operations, many of the USMC Commandants, all of the Fleet Admirals and many, many more.


Why is this support Important?

One of our significant contributions to making naval history a living study area is our national web site.  In addition to Naval Order specific information, we have a significant area with direct links to many related websites of interest to those researching naval history or other sea services issues.  We are striving to make this the premier site for naval history researchers. Each month we receive many questions from veterans, their families, students and others seeking research assistance.  We are working to expand our web presence, to provide additional support to naval history and heritage supporters and researchers.  One of our goals is to make our Related Sites Page the premier site to research naval history.  Our limited national budget, without our Web Supporters, does not permit further expansion.  Therefore, we have initiated a "Corporate Sponsor" program.   


What does Web Sponsorship Cost?

We have set our sponsorship rates at an affordable $300 per year for regular Web Sponsors and $450 for those who wish to additionally sponsor an individual web page.  We list our Corporate Web Sponsors on the prominently placed "Corporate Sponsors" page.  On that page the sponsor's corporate logo appears with a hypertext link directly to your corporate website.  For page sponsors, we additionally place their logo on the individual sponsored page, highlighting their special sponsorship.  Our most recent partners include Bath Iron Works, CACI, Inc. and Northrop-Grumman.

We hope that you will favorably consider joining the Naval Order Website Corporate Sponsor Team!  You will be assisting us to make our shared naval history and heritage widely available to Internet and web users.  Please contact us if we can provide additional information on the Naval Order or our Corporate Web Sponsor Program.  We can be reached via email:


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