Celebrating the nation’s naval history is a natural extension of our promoting and preserving objectives and one of three core Naval Order missions.  We celebrate the deeds of our naval services because we are a fraternal order.  We also celebrate to support the objective outlined in our constitution that “it is well and fitting that the illustrious deeds of the great naval commanders, their companion officers in arms, and their subordinates in the wars of the United States should be forever honored and respected.”  Through the establishment of annual events such as the Battle of Midway dinner or events that celebrate specific anniversaries such as the War of 1812 we endeavor to keep naval history alive through the generations, we have done so since 1890.

The Celebrate domain features the Battle of Midway Veteran Biographies from the San Francisco Battle of Midway Dining Out.  A booklet will feature the Midway stories of those Veterans who were able to join the event over a span of almost twenty years, as well as a concise story of the Battle of Midway and the listing of the American and Japanese naval forces during the battle.