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Summer 2019

  • History: Life Saving Societies - Keeping seas and waterways safe for recreational and industrial use

  • Book Spotlight: Saipan: The Battle that Doomed Japan in World War II, by James Hallas

  • Honors: United States Naval Academy Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Awards presented during 2019 Commencement Week

  • Medical History: LCDR Thomas Burden, MSC, USN (Ret.) completes personal memoir of Philippines Enlistment Program

  • 2019 Congress: The San Francisco Commandery, assisted by the Newport Commandery, presents “The Age of Sail”, at the Constitution Inn in Boston from 23 – 27 October.

Spring 2019

  • Report: USS Tulsa (LCS 16) commissioned in San Francisco Bay

  • Book Spotlights: CDR Rick Campbell Launches fifth novel: Treason

  • Preservation Partner: Searching for schematics of original 1920's Ewa mooring mast

  • Medical History: LCDR Thomas Burden, MSC, USN (Ret.) continues personal memoir of Philippines Enlistment Program

  • History: Last Doolittle Raider remembers the USS Hornet (CV 8)

Winter 2019

  • 2018 Congress: Texas Commandery welcomed Companions to San Antonio from 24 to 28 October

  • 2019 Congress will be held from 22 to 27 October in Boston, Massachusetts, birthplace of Naval Order and homeport of Flagship USS Constitution

  • History: LCDR Thomas Burden, MSC, USN (Ret.) shares personal memoir of Philippines Enlistment Program (PEP), the vehicle by which the Navy recruited Filipino nationals

  • In Memoriam: President George Herbert Walker Bush, Naval Order companion and recipient of Admiral of the Navy Dewey Award

Autumn 2018

  • Naval History: Selections from “This Day in Navy History,” from the Navy History and Heritage Command

  • Awards: 2018 Junior Officer Instructor of the Year, Lieutenant Dana Dougherty, USCG

  • In Memoriam: CAPT Carter Barry Conlin, USN (Ret.) and CDR Merrill "Cotton" Talbott

  • 2018 National Congress Preliminary Schedule of Events 24-28 October

Summer 2018

  • Awards: Marshall P. CloydAdmiral of the Navy George Dewey AwardSgt. Maj. Angela M. Maness and ADM James A. Winnefeld, Jr., USN (Ret.), Distinguished Sea Service Awards

  • Naval Order Congress Excursions and Tours 24 October – 28 October 2018 include museum of Pacific war, art museum and the Alamo.

Spring 2018

  • Spotlight: At age 43, college professor quits to become Lt. Richard D. Parker, USN

  • Preservation: Southeast Florida Commandery restores historic Miami Military Museum & Memorial

  • Archives: NYC’s historic Delmonico’s hosted 1899 semi-annual meeting of the General Council of the General Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States

  • Action Plan: Mare Island Naval Cemetery needs your help to maintain Veterans’ cemetery as national shrine

  • 2018 Congress: San Antonio schedule for 24-28 October with special pre-congress room rate

Winter 2018

  • 2017 Congress: Florida First Coast Commandery welcomed Companions to Jacksonville from 18 to 22 October

  • Commandery Spotlight: Newly-chartered Northwest Commandery completes successful first year

  • History: Author Jack Cheevers and Companion SKCS Earl Phares, USN (Ret.) chronicle 50th anniversary of seizure of USS Pueblo (AGER 2), the only commissioned United States naval vessel held by a foreign power

  • Commemoration: USS San Francisco 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal ceremony remembers valor and fortitude of those who fought

  • Honors: Past Commander General RADM Doug Moore, Jr. awarded Navy Supply Corps Foundation Distinguished Alumnus award

Fall 2017

  • Naval History: Commissioning of newest warship, USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), affords opportunity to reflect on Navy’s oldest warship, USS Constitution

  • Spotlight: Legendary dive bomber pilot Jack “Dusty” Kleiss remembers the Battle of Midway in memoir about helping sink three Japanese war ships, crippling the Imperial Navy and reversing the tide of WWII

  • Awards: RADM Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature honors Richard Snow for Iron Dawn: The Monitor, the Merrimack, and the Civil War Sea Battle that Changed History

  • Companion Spotlight: MCCS Bob Hansen, USN (Ret.) recounts personal maritime heritage and ancestors who were men of the sea

  • Naval Medical History: Navy Dental Corps celebrates 105 years

Summer 2017

  • Awards: Chairman Robert J. Stevens, Admiral of the Navy George Dewey Award; ADM Jonathan W. Greenert, USN (Ret.) and MCPOCG Michael P. Leavitt, USCG (Ret.), Distinguished Sea Service Awards

  • Preservation Partner: Docent CAPT William E. Nelson, USN (Ret.) helps USS Hornet Sea, Air and Space Museum connect the greatest generation of Americans with future generations, educating and inspiring them to meet their challenges

  • Special Programs: USS Stark remembered by First Coast Commandery on the 30th anniversary of the attack by an Iraqi F-1 in the Arabian Gulf

  • Report: Historian General, Registrar General, and professional genealogist visit with Texas A&M archives assistant Bradley Cesario who is cataloging NOUS membership applications dating from 1890

  • Book Review: Blackmail by Rick Campbell

Spring 2017

  • Historic Marker: Former Admiralty House in Ireland celebrates centennial of island naval operations during WWI

  • Spotlights: New Orleans Commandery's Dr. Samantha Cavell reports on first combat submarine sinking of a warship

  • Special Programs: SA Alina Full helps with event, Color Guard at USS Houston CA30 Bell Ceremony

  • Awards: Texas Commandery Fleet Admiral Nimitz Leadership Award to CAPT Norman Jack "Dusty" Kleiss, USN

  • History: USCG Mess Attendant Charles Walter David, Jr. risks life to save Dorchester survivors in segregated service of WWII

Winter 2016-2017

  • Awards: RADM Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature honors Tim McGrath for Give Me a Fast Ship

  • Spotlights: The 2016 Congress in Honolulu/Pearl Harbor also commemorates the 75th anniversary of 7 December 1941

  • Naval Medical History: Hospital ships from Korea to present, including USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort

  • History: Echoes of submarines and surface ships at Mare Island Naval Shipyard northeast of San Francisco

  • NOUS Foundation: 2016 Annual Report highlights initiatives completed and upcoming projects

Autumn 2016

  • History: Midway Islands, now wildlife refuge, is sacred ground representing virtue, courage and bravery of the American Character

  • Preservation Partner: Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor celebrates our Nation's Sea Service History with 75th Anniversary commemoration events

  • State of the Art Hospital: MD-10 donated by NOUS award recipient's company transformed into flying eye hospital ORBIS

  • Awards: LT Tyler E. Kelley, USCG selected as recipient of 2016 Academy Junior Officer Instructor Award

  • Memorial Dedication: Korean War Memorial at the Presidio of San Francisco for those who served in America's "forgotten war"

Summer 2016

  • Awards: CDR Everett Alvarez, Jr., USN (Ret.) Admiral of the Navy George Dewey Award; ADM Robert J. Papp, Jr., USCG (Ret.) and SgtMaj Micheal Barrett, USMC (Ret.), Distinguished Sea Service Awards

  • NOUS Foundation: Invest in naval history with gifts that are 100% tax deductible

  • History: Marker on the island of Menorca commemorates the presence of the US Navy’s Mediterranean Squadron in Port Mahon during the early 19th century

  • Spotlight: Vice Admiral Joel T. Boone a giant of Navy Medicine and Medal of Honor recipient

  • 2016 Congress: Schedule with Dress Code; Naval Order Hawaiian Shirt special pre-congress price

Spring 2016

  • Honors: Naval Order Historian John Hattendorf receives Doctor of Letters (D. Litt) from Oxford University

  • Awards: Texas Commandery awards Fleet Admiral Nimitz Leadership Award to Admiral Patrick M. Walsh, USN (Ret), who served as the 35th Vice Cheif of Naval Operations and the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet

  • History: Warrant Officer Chester Nimitz and Fleet Admiral Togo Meet in Tokyo, Hospital Ships during the Spanish American War

  • Book Review: "Ice Station Nautilus" by Rick Campbell

  • Action Plan: A Rut is a Six Inch Grave

Winter 2015-2016

  • Awards: Admiral James G. Stavridis, USN (Ret) Officer Distinguished Sea Service, MCPON (SS/SW) Rick West, USN (Ret) Senior Enlisted Distinguished Sea Service

  • Spotlights: A look back on the 2015 Congress in beautiful New Orleans

  • History: Boone, A Hero to Japanese POW's

  • Naval Medical History: Vice Admiral Joel T. Boone - A Giant of Navy Medicine and Medal of Honor Recipient

  • Competition: Abigail West, 13, wins the National History Day Award for her documentary on the Vietnam War

Autumn 2015

  • Awards: Frederick W. Smith, Founder of FedEx Corporation, Admiral of the Fleet George Dewey Award; LT Sean A Munnis, USCG U.W. Coast Guard Academy Junior Instructor Award; LTJG Phong Nguyen USN, Rear Admiral Thurston H. James Memorial Award

  • Book Spotlights: Adam Makos, Devotion, An Epic Story of Heroism, Brotherhood, and Sacrifice, John Laurence Busch, The Steam Coffin

  • Naval History: Naval Order of the United States (NOUS): 125 years, Part 2

  • Naval Medical History: Vice Admiral Joel T. Boone

  • Competition: International Submarine Race (ISR), Charleston NC

Summer 2015

  • Awards: Rick West, Former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, first Senior Enlisted Distinguished Sea Service Award

  • Book Spotlights: Dr. Jack London, Character: The Ultimate Success Factor; James Scott, Target Tokyo

  • Naval History: Naval Order of the United States (NOUS): 125 years, Part 1

  • Naval Medical History: World War II Submarine Appendectomy

  • Companion Spotlight: Rear Admiral J. Robert Lunney, New York Naval Militia

Spring 2015

  • Awards: Admiral Jim Stavridis, USN (Ret), Distinguished Sea Service Award; Corin Williamson, Doctoral Candidate at Ohio State Univ., Graduate Fellowship Award; Vice Admiral David B. Robinson, USN (Ret), Fleet Admiral Niitz Leadership Award; Paul M. Kennedy, Hattendorf Prize for Distinguished Original Research in Maritime History

  • Naval History: Battle of Midway, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA; Midshipman Richard Sutherland Dale, USN and the 1815 US Frigate President; Worldwide Activities of the US Naval Reserve, Most Reverend Michael C. Barber, S.J. Roman Catholic Bishop of Oakland and CAPT, CHC, USN; USS Houston (CA-30), Houston, TX; Frigate of Freedom, Hermione two-month sail tracing Marquis Layfayette's 1780 voyage to America

  • Naval Medical History: Hospital Corps History, Part 7 (1980-Present)

  • Companion Spotlight: Rear Admiral Robert B. Fulton, II, USN (Ret)

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