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A Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years from the Florida First Coast!!!


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JAX 2017 NOUS Congress Summary 


                                                                     Remember the Sacrifices /Celebrate Freedom!!!!!

                                                                     Remember the Sacrifices /Celebrate Freedom!!!!!


To preserve, promote, celebrate and enjoy our Nation’s Sea Service history and heritage. To accomplish this we will:

    • Commemorate American Sea Service Heroes and important historical events,
    • Support the study of Naval History through writing, speaking and educational events,
    • Preserve Sea Service historical artifacts, documents and monuments, and
    • Promote Camaraderie among our Companions and members of similar organizations

    First Coast contact email is nousfc@gmail.com ; Like us on Twitter @nousfc 


    • Commander: CAPT Robert N. Whitkop, USN (Ret)
    • Vice Commander - Programs: CAPT Pete Wynkoop, USN (Ret)
    • Vice Commander - Membership: CAPT Gregory F. Streeter, USN (Ret)
    • Vice Commander - Enlisted Affairs: ETCM (SW) John R. Craft, USN (Ret)
    • USS Stark Memorial: CAPT Pete Wynkoop, USN (Ret) / CDR J. Michael McGrath, USN (Ret)
    • Treasurer: LCDR Frank Fenno, USN (Ret)
    • Asst Treasurer: CAPT Bill Wirth, USN (Ret)
    • Chaplain: CDR Steven Souder, CHC , USN
    • Historian: Dr Alan Bliss, Prof of History (University of North Florida
    • Charles F Adams Museum Liaison:  CAPT John E. O’Neil, Jr. , USN (Ret) Past First Coast Commander
    • Commandery Advisory Council: RADM George Huchting, USN (Ret); CAPT Gregory F. Streeter, USN (Ret) Past Commander General NOUS; CDR J. Michael McGrath, Immediate Past First Coast Commander; MGEN Gerry Maloney, USAF (Ret)
    • Commandery Companions: CAPT Ed Frohlich, USN (Ret); LCDR Mike Manko, USN (Ret); BMC (DV) Bill McLoughlin, USN (Ret); CAPT Jim Morgan, USN (Ret); HMC Tony Ross, USN (Ret); CAPT Chuck Walker, USN (Ret), et al




    25    Christmas Day

    31     Electric Boat Parade – Jacksonville Downtown

      Jacksonville’s Annual Boat Parade on the Jacksonville waterfront followed by a Fireworks Show.  Best viewing from the Landing, or Southbank Riverwalk.

    For Info on any events call (904)672-8176 or e-mail:  nousfc@gmail.com 


    Commandery News

    JU NROTC is new home to the Bell from USS ShangriLa - see story at JU Wave OnLine


    Like us on our Twitter Page @nousfc

    All Companions are invited to attend any and all Commandery events. Any questions email Bob Whitkop or Frank Fenno at  nousfc@gmail.com

    JAX Home - First Coast Commandery Calendar

    JAX 2017 NOUS Congress Summary 

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