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Luncheon - The Battle of Udrigovo

  • San Francisco Italian Athletic Club 1630 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA, 94133 United States (map)

COL Larry Dietz, US Army (Ret)

TV was not only the main source of entertainment in Bosnia Herzegovina, but was also a potent propaganda weapon. In September 1997 hardline supporters of Radovan Karadic encouraged violence against NATO troops. NATO seized one of the TV repeater stations that effectively denied the hardliners their TV weapon.

Colonel (Retired) Lawrence D. Dietz, US Army was the Deputy Commander of the Combined Joint Information Campaign Task Force (CJICTF) in Bosnia during the entire episode. Join us for an insider’s look at what really happened including his personal experience at the Serbian Radio/TV (SRT) at Pale, Bosnia in the heart of Karadic’s territory.

COL Lawrence D. Dietz

COL Lawrence D. Dietz

COL Lawrence D. Dietz was a Distinguished Military Graduate of Northeastern University (Boston) and was commissioned a 2 LT in Military Intelligence in August 1968. After receiving Basic Signal Training and EW/Crypto Training, Dietz served in the Republic of Viet Nam where he commanded a Radio Research PLT and functioned as a COMSEC Officer. He had a reserve tour at NSA and two at the Army Security Agency School before being discharged in 1974.

In February 1981 Dietz was reappointed to the grade of CPT and commanded the 519th ASA Company an EW/SIGINT company that provided support to warfighters such as the Marines and the 7th ID. Subsequent MI assignments included the 419th MI Detachment (Strategic) and Command of the 273rd MI Company at Dobbins AFB, Georgia.

In August 1989 Dietz joined the 7th PSYOP Group as OIC of the FD (Strategic Intelligence) section. Other assignments at 7th POG included XO, S2 and S3. In September 1994 he assumed command of the 12th PSYOP BN, a job he held until October 1998. From July 1197 to February 1998 he served as the Deputy Commander of the Joint Information Campaign Task Force, Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Promoted to COL in November 1998 he was assigned as G2, 351st CA Command. In October 2001 he was assigned as IO Officer, USSOCOM, a post he held until his retirement in April 2002.

Subsequent to retiring Dietz graduated the US Army War College in July 2002. He served as a volunteer instructor for deploying PSYOP personnel at Fort Hunter Liggett in December 2003 and April 2005. He was elected Honorary Colonel of the PSYOP Regiment of the US Army in 2003. He authors www.psyopregiment.blogspot

2 April, 2018

1130 - Gather and Greet
1200 - Call to Order
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1220 - Announcements - SF Commander and Others
1225 - Joke Time (Have secret judge pre-set) – SF Commander
1230 - Lunch
1250 - Guest Speaker – COL Larry Dietz US ARMY (Ret.)
1315 - Q&
1320 - Winning Joke – SF Commander (via secret judge) Raffle
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