Ship's Store

To order, print and mail this form, list which commandery you belong to and include a check payable to "Naval Order of U.S."

707-373-3989 (C)

CAPT Thomas L. Snyder MC, USN (Ret.)
131 El Camino Real
Vallejo, CA 94590


Authorized for all Companions:

  • The Naval Order Cross (Large medal, 1¼”) $35.00

  • The Naval Order Cross (Miniature medal, ¾”) $25.00

  • Ladies Necklace (3/4" Naval Order Cross w/chain) - $15.00

  • Campaign Ribbon - $10.00

  • Naval Order Rosette Lapel Pin - $15.00

  • Naval Order Cross Lapel Pin - $10.00

  • Naval Order Tie, Silk - $20.00

  • Naval Order Tie Bar - $10.00

  • Naval Order Cufflink Set - $20.00

  • Naval Order Blazer Patch - $20.00

  • Naval Order Flag (3' x 5') two sides - $95.00

  • Naval Order Banner (3' x 5') one side - $60.00

  • NOUS Baseball Caps - plain bill - $14.00

  • -- NOUS Ball Cap "eggs" 05/06 - $15.00

  • -- NOUS Ball Cap "eggs" Flag Officer - $16.00

  • NOUS Pima Cotton Golf Shirt S to XXL - Black, White, Royal Blue - runs large, won't shrink, so order one size down - $40
    also in Navy Blue - email for sizes

  • Aloha Shirt XXL - $40

  • "Navy Heroes of Normandy" DVD - $5.00

  • Challenge Coin (commemorating 100 Years of Naval Aviation) - $5.00

For past and present National Officers and Commandery Commanders only:

  • Naval Order Blazer Patch w/Crest - $25.00

  • Large Cross with Neck Ribbon – (Worn with formal attire only) $45.00

Revised 12/31/2018

Shipping is $6, unless stated differently


Some time before he died, acclaimed award winning artist Tom Freeman agreed to make his prints available to Companions of the Naval Order through our website. The late artist's organization has kindly agreed to continue this arrangement.

These prints of sailing ships, modern ships, planes and other images are magnificently done in color and detail. You will be proud to own them and pass along to the next generation. The best part is, by ordering these beautiful images through the Naval Order, you will save the shipping and packaging cost of $15.00.

The images shown here are just a very few of those available. To see Tom's entire gallery you should visit his website at When you have made a selection, simply send a check, payable to "Naval Order of U.S.", along with the item number of the print(s) you want, to CAPT Tom Snyder, MC, USN, (Ret.), 131 EL CAMINO REAL, VALLEJO CA 94590. Your print will be shipped shortly thereafter directly from the Tom Freeman organization. Please check Tom's web site for actual print sizes.


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