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The Texas Commandery was host to the 2018 NOUS Annual Congress.

Commander’s Message

Howdy, y'all!

Welcome to the Texas Commandery of the Naval Order website.  Our Commandery meets approximately quarterly and our executive committee meets monthly to discuss upcoming events to understand how we may be able to better recognize our maritime history. We encourage our members to participate in these meetings and to get active in our programs and initiatives.

If interested in joining our Commandery, I encourage you to contact our Secretary / Recorder at tcnous@gmail.com, or to contact me directly at bryan.lethcoe@tcnous.org.

Thank you!

CDR Bryan Lethcoe, USN (ret.), Commander, Texas Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States


To preserve, promote, celebrate and enjoy our Nation’s Sea Service history and heritage. To accomplish this we will:  

  • Commemorate American Sea Service Heroes and important historical events

  • Support the study of Naval History through writing, speaking and educational events

  • Preserve Sea Service historical artifacts, documents and monuments

  • Promote Camaraderie among our Companions and members of similar organizations


  • Commander: CDR Bryan Lethcoe, USN (ret)

  • Vice Commander: RADM Peter Andrus, USN (ret)

  • Secretary / Recorder: CDR Bob Frazier, USN (ret)

  • Treasurer: LT Steven Howell, USN (ret)

  • Surgeon: RADM Peter Andrus, USN (ret)

  • Historian: Mr. Donald M. Kehn, Jr.

  • Chaplain: CAPT Kerry Magee, USN (ret)

  • Public Affairs: Vacant

  • JAG: Vacant

Immediate Past Commander:

  • CAPT Chuck Hewell

Past Commanders:

  • MM2(SS) Gilbert J. Raynor

  • CAPT Dave Burr

  • CDR Brian Klock

  • CAPT Kerry B Magee

  • CAPT Carl V. Ragsdale

  • CAPT Charles W. Andersen

  • CAPT Martin J. Block

  • CDR James B. Sterling Iii

  • CAPT Carter B. Conlin

  • CAPT George W. Holyfield

  • LCDR Clarke Coldren

  • CAPT Martine R. Myers

  • CAPT C. Dean Hill


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