Maritime Naval History Award NHD-CA

Kyle Hocking - 2018 Maritime Naval History Award, National History Day California

Kyle Hocking, second from right, recipient of Maritime Naval History Award

Kyle Hocking, second from right, recipient of Maritime Naval History Award

In May, Kyle Hocking of Woodcrest Elementary School in Riverside, California, received the 2018 Maritime Naval History Award, a Special Award at National History Day California held at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California. His individual documentary project was about the 12 December 1937 attack on an American gunboat and entitled "The USS Panay Incident: The Cost of a Failed Compromise with Japan".



More information about our award winner, from Kyle’s father, Ned Hocking:

"He was so taken by a family trip to Pearl Harbor that he really enjoys Naval History, and was assisted by the Naval History and Heritage Command in DC for the Panay project. He was thrilled by this honor." 

Kyle will receive the prize money and give his presentation at the 4 June 2018 luncheon of the Naval Order of the United States, San Francisco Commandery. 

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Naval Maritime History Award is sponsored by Naval Order of the United States. Entry focuses on maritime history.