Powerful Presentations: Join or Form a Toastmasters Club

by John McKnight

The ability to communicate plans and ideas is essential to success in business, and the most readily available means to develop these communication skill is through the Toastmasters International program. Toastmasters was formed in the 1930’s to help professionals develop critical business skills in a supportive environment, and today clubs exist world-wide to aid every individual receive skill training for their personal and professional growth.

You can join an existing club or form your own using Toastmasters club materials. Actively participating members, following the prescribed speech and meeting exercises, will develop speaking, listening, and leadership skills equivalent to those received through advanced degrees or high-priced professional development courses. Members across the US only pay approximately $80/year for their training.

Many companies in the US and across the globe fund their own clubs, and having Toastmasters on your resume will be recognized as an indicator of your commitment to personal development and success. Additionally you will tap into one of the best kept networking secrets as members have unique access to professionals in their area by participating in clubs where they wish to work. Contact Toastmasters International for more information on starting a club or for meetings near you.