Mission: History

- by Ric Teague

The Constitution of the Naval Order of the United States tells us “The purpose of this organization shall be to transmit to posterity the glorious names and memories of our great naval commanders, their companion officers, & subordinates in the wars of the United States; to encourage research and publication of literature pertaining to naval history & science; to ensure the preservation of relics, portraits, mementos, documents, rolls & books relating to the Naval Services & its (sic) heroes at all times; & in general to support the wellbeing of the present officers and enlisted personnel of the Naval Services, & all other military maritime services.

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

The information that appears in “Mission: History” articles is drawn almost entirely from published sources. While the stories are freshly written, because of the informality of the publication, footnotes are not used and, as a result, credit is often not given where it should be. It is hoped that the reader sees the material as an apéritif, and that it whets his appetite for heartier fare.
~ Ric Teague

Of further interest: Ric Teague's Bibliography


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